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Why Join MUMC?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Looking to join a club this September? Look no further than MUMC!

MacEwan Marketing
My Pitch Night Competition Team!

There are so many business clubs! Why are so many choosing MUMC?

The Marketing Club is one of MacEwan's most popular clubs. We're rapidly growing in membership and hope to continue that trend! Here's a few reasons people have joined;

- Hands on marketing experience; We have teams dedicated to web design, marketing metrics, social media, graphic design, and email marketing! Students have started their professional portfolio with MUMC! Don't just study email marketing, run a campaign using Mailchimp with us!

- Tailored for all students; We're a club of accounting students, art students, and English students. Whatever your major is, we'll have something for you!

- No mandatory participation required; We're a club with no dress code, no membership fees, no required participation. Pick and choose what you want to get involved in and what interests you!

- Networking opportunities: We're the perfect club to meet new friends, network with industry professionals, the school of business, and other commerce students. Get your foot in the door with MUMC!

So what exactly do you do???

Short and simple; we provide you value. We do this by;

- Organizing meetings; Every week we have a themed meeting. Pick and choose your interests. Interested in photography? Join our photography walk! Interested in Finance? Join our financial meetings!

- Organize events; We organize professionally run events. Our Speed Mentoring event connects students with actual industry professionals. Our Pitch Night gives students practice in case competitions!

- Connect you with the School Of Business; We're first to know for events run around the School of Business. Meet other business students and stay informed of faculty events!

How do I get involved?

'Like' our Facebook page, and shoot us a message on either our Facebook or Instagram page on how to get involved!


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