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MacEwan School of Business Tips

We asked some of our third and fourth year members to send in some advice for first years entering the School of Business for their first time.

"Use ratemyprof while choosing courses. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success as it helps you find professors that are reputable." ~Aly Pineda

"When you build your schedule try and give yourself breaks between classes. It will force you to get work done!" ~Megan Deys

"Study in shorter periods and commit to the time. For example, instead of studying for eight hours in a time I find that studying in periods of three-four hours undivided (no cellphones or distractions) works much better and you get way more done without feeling overwhelmed. Time management is key. Of course, when you have a projects you will have to give more time to that on top of your three-four hour study periods. If you keep to a strict schedule you will find your school life will become a lot more efficient. It does not sound fun but it works. " ~Odette Lauzon

"Buy an espresso machine (a cheaper one) because it saves you A LOT of money. I used to buy Starbucks 3x a week my first year which was about $100+ a month and the machine itself was only $150 so I am saving a lot of money!" ~Tristen Sthamann

"Every first years biggest regret is buying all their textbooks at once. This is extremely expensive especially considering how little profs use their so called 'required' textbooks. I have purchased one textbook in two years, you can also rent textbooks for free from the library if you wish to save hundreds of dollars." ~Ben Windsor

“Don’t rush! Get the most out of your education by listening to the most important person: yourself. It took me 3 years to realize what program was right for me and I couldn’t be happier that I took the time to figure that out” ~Alexander Keefe

"Focus and participate in class, network, and if you have time join new opportunities available to you. Also, never give up! Put yourself in a mindset that believes it is possible to achieve your dreams and see your failures as practice to do better the next time rather than being overcome by overwhelming feelings of wanting to give up. If you think like that there will be nothing too big for you to try and tackle." ~Odette Lauzon

"PARKING! If you just park a couple blocks past downtown you can park for free and take the bus for 5 minutes saving you $170 a month!" ~Tristen Sthamann

"Don’t skip class! It just creates more work for yourself when you’re trying to catch up on what you missed" ~Megan Deys

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