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Out Compete Your Classmates

Statistically, 100% of people graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce graduate with a degree. I know, that's a novel concept. My point is, in the increasingly competitive job market you need to show some differentiation among yourself and the hundreds of other students graduating with the same qualifications. Here are some quick tips I've used in my university experience... is a website that has practical online classes free for all Edmonton Public Library members and MacEwan students. You can also post your completed courses on your LinkedIn. It has an entire section on business courses from teaching how to use photoshop, Google Marketing products, excel lessons, and so forth.

2. Get involved in a club

Maybe I'm biased. Get involved in a business club and get a position in that club. You can use that on your LinkedIn, network with other business students, and get some introductory experience. It seriously pays its dividends.

3. Volunteer for an organization

Every single organization needs marketing. Go out and find a small business and volunteer your work in exchange for learning how to use programs. Help run their social media and design their website. You'll get fantastic digital marketing experience.

4. Get an internship

Everyone complains about the difficulty on getting a business related job or internship. These are hard to get during school, so you have to be driven. Apply to 30 different places, personally hand in your resume. If you have practical experience to prove alongside your classroom experiences, internships become extremely easy to get.

5. Network through outside organizations

There are so many outside business organizations you can occasionally volunteer or attend events with. Advertising Club of Edmonton, Startup Edmonton, or Roundhouse Edmonton are popular among MacEwan Marketing Majors.

6. Read business related books

I just read The 6-Pack Portfolio, and it has drastically changed how I plan to change my investing portfolio. Read on personal finance, management theories, and marketing related books. Sometimes you will learn more from a $20 book than a $700 class. Check out my other blog article on best marketing related books I've read...

7. Print off personal business cards

This is an $11 expense that massively boosts your credibility. Surprise people into thinking you got your life together through a simple piece of paper.

8. Master LinkedIn

Get endorsements. Provide clear work experience. Post what you've been working on. When you're applying for jobs you will need to appeal to the Human Resources department first. LinkedIn is the go-to for every Human Resource department so make sure to include your URL on your resume.

9. Find a mentor

Online mentors like Gary Vaynerchuck are so easily accessible with their insanely valuable content they produce over social media. However, finding in-person mentors throughout your university is vital. One of my mentors taught me everything I know about digital communications when I started a position with zero experience.

10. Stop saying "I have no time"

Create a balance in your life of academics, career, personal learning, and your other commitments. If your only commitment is waking up and going to school everyday, you're likely not challenging yourself.

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