Creating Value.

Ben Jacob Windsor

I'm no stranger to juggling over forty hour work weeks and full time classes. This has given me the opportunity to work in business development, B2B sales support, digital communications, event coordination, and industrial hazardous waste disposal. My studies in school has given me the opportunity to become president of the MacEwan University Marketing club and help kick start my career. Check out some of my experiences throughout my degree! 





Working in business to business sales with Uline Shipping Supplies and Fastenal Company has given me a unique skill set in developing business relationships. 

Being the Communications Director at St. Josaphat's Cathedral, I had the opportunity to create and develop an entire digital outreach strategy that is now being modeled in the entire Edmonton Eparchy. 

President of MacEwan University Marketing Club has given me the opportunity to help empower students to develop themselves professionally outside of the classroom. 

My constant desire to learn has given me unique consulting experiences and has helped me kick start an investment portfolio to plan for my future. 






Uline Shipping Supplies

Time Management: Everyday I had five appointments and four drop by's with current accounts. I also had one cold call and had sales notes and quotes to do. Managing time was a necessity at Uline. 

Presentation: Uline's sheer attention to detail helped improve my presentation skills. Perfecting 30 second sales pitch commericals, presenting clients superior products, and ensuring all promotional content presented was in perfect condition.

During my time as an Account Representative, I had the second highest territory growth of all the interns in the company and more than half of my sales were new product sales. My biggest success story involved generating over $5000 of sales after a visit with an account who previously did not purchase from Uline. Many of the clients I converted still purchase from Uline today. 

Key take aways

Uline's sales office at the west

end of Edmonton

Me and my co-workers attending the yearly State of Uline event

Solution Selling: Meeting with decision makers and selling the solutions Uline offered. Reading on new market trends and understanding industry demands was something expected for every account represenative. 

Fastenal Company

Working in Sales Support at Fastenal Company has given me the unique opportunity to learn more about sales in the industrial sector. It was my responsibility to continuously sell Fastenal's services to existing and new accounts. I was in-charge of doing all cold call's in the northern branch's territory. 

Key take aways

Communication: Finding the right voice tones, body language, and adapting messages to the personality and needs of customer's is vital in B2B sales.  

Competition: Being extremely competitive and promoting Fastenal's services to convert businesses to switch suppliers.

Fastenal Company's Cold Call package

Inventory Management: Personally managing large accounts Vendor Manged Inventory systems, ensuring inventory is accurate, and customers remain purchasing. 


Being the Communications Director for St. Josaphat's Cathedral, it was my job to digitize the Cathedral and all of its organizations. Despite being in communications, the position was heavily focused on marketing and digital outreach. During an Edmonton Eparchy Conference, my work was specifically pointed out to be modeled in future outreach campaigns. 

St. Josaphat's Cathedral

Video promoting the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada's Museum

Key take aways

Digital Marketing: Directing a complete new web re-design, rebranding, implentation of tracking marketing metrics, and turning a digital outreach strategy from an expenditure to a revenue stream. 

Video promoting the Presentation of the Shroud of Turin replica at St. Josaphat's

Check out the website I created using WordPress!

Social Media Marketing: Started Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube communications to generate a stronger online presence. Directed all paid advertising and sought approval for large capital project implementing live stream capabilities. 

Change Management: Implementing massive organizational change in an environment receptive to marketing strategies


MacEwan University Marketing Club

I've been in MUMC for years being the Director of Finance, Director of Operations, and eventually was elected to become the president of MUMC. During my presidency, I have foster the largest student run marketing club in Edmonton, with a purpose to market the future and empower students throughout MacEwan University. 

Key take aways

Management: Empowering students to develop themselves professionally and learn how marketing can benefit everyone. Under a leadership review, members gave over a 95% approval rating for being an effective, organized, and welcoming president. 

Marketing Management: Taught and managed departments in market research, email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, branding, financial management, and event coordination to students with no experience. 

Financial Management: Changed revenue model from an event based organization to a sponsorship and grant revenue model. Helped run club finances in regards to funding, grants, expenditures, and studied ROI on all activities.  

During my second year of university, with President Matthew Buttrey


I will be graduating from MacEwan University in April 2020 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in marketing and minoring in property management. During my time at MacEwan, I have competed in pitch competitions, won in investing competitions, and had the opportunity to learn among one of Alberta's best School of Business. 

Key take aways

Consulting with External Organizations: I have had the opportunity to draft business plans for bulk ticket sales with the Edmonton Oil Kings, study consumer behaviour with the Grizzlar Cafe, organizational change management with Brain Care Centre, and studied student stress levels with MacEwan's Career Development and Experimental Learning. 

Broad Knowledge: Being able to study business law, real estate law, finance, accounting, and property management has given me an understanding of various important sectors of business. 

Marketing Theory: Studying behavioural psychology, international marketing, and consumer behaviour has given me the opportunity to understanding marketing theory and be able to enact those theories into my everyday work. 

My CASE Competition team in 2018 


Aevitas Inc. 

I worked as a site services technician at Aevitas for almost five years working both on the day and night shifts. Here I worked in industrial hazardous waste disposal dealing with chemicals such as aesbestos, mercury, acids, PCBs, and other dangerous materials. I was WHIMIS certified, forklift certified, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods certified. I used my industrial experience to help in sales at both Uline and Fastenal Company.

PlanIt Sound

Working in event coordination as a production assistant gave me the unique experience to have an inside view of the events industry. Working in everything from family run events to investor's galas has given me the appreciation of the amount of work it takes to run and organize a high quality event. 

DIY Investing 

Outside of marketing, learning about investing is of great interest to me. When I first started working at Aevitas, I started in GIC's and Mutual Funds. Using the knowledge I have learned in-class and outside of class, I now enter other areas of capital markets in investing. I'm always up for a conversation on the TSX! 


Outside of the business world, I surprisingly have had some time to have a personal life. Here's some embarrassing fun facts about me... 

1) I started my High School's cricket club called Lord Strathcona's Cricket Club 

2) I love learning about history, I use to be a member of the Monarchist League of Canada, a blacksmith on Fort Edmonton's 1885 street, and even participated in Historica fairs. 

3) I enjoy playing around in mechanics, me and a friend put together a 1967 Triumph Spitfire from scratch. 

4) I took Ukrainian classes for years at Ridna Shkola, Ivano Franko School, and St. Andrew's Ukrainian classes. However, my little use of the language sadly has lead me to forget most of what I learned. 

5) If I'm not working, you'll catch me fishing or camping in Alberta in the summer. 

6) I enjoy longboarding and discovering new places around Edmonton during the summer and fall.

After months of work, we got the Spitfire to start!

Photo from my High School's year book